Gelb Consulting Becomes Part of Endeavor Management

Founded in 1965, Gelb Consulting has empowered organizations with rich market insights to drive revenue growth.  As pioneers in advanced research techniques for several industries such as choice modeling, brand equity measurement, and customer experience mapping, Gelb has been at the forefront of adopting new techniques to accelerate connections with customers, and, more importantly to our clients, to revenue.

In 2012, Gelb merged with Endeavor Management.  Endeavor brought an expertise in business transformation, cultural assessments and expert advisors with deep experience in our industries of focus.

Together, we provide an exceptional combination of research insights, industry expertise, and strategic frameworks to help our clients achieve their strategic goals.

The principals behind Gelb Consulting remain to support our clients:

Oil & Gas: John Elmer

Healthcare: John McKeever

Expert Witness: Gabe Gelb