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Manufacturing and Industrial Products

Basic industrial and manufacturing enterprises are experiencing a renaissance during which they are getting closer to customers, reassessing business priorities, and enhancing operational readiness.

This new era is demonstrated through:

  • Optimized growth – limiting risk while pursuing expansion opportunities
  • Strategic investments – driving innovation to meet customer needs while streamlining costs
  • Re-shoring – moving back to “Made in the USA” – build it here, buy it here

In response to these changes, Endeavor Management has developed a comprehensive approach to aid your efforts as you move through this transformation.  We call this Smart Growth.

Smart Growth can help you balance strategic priorities, the needs of customers, and your operational effectiveness.  We believe that by realizing the proper balance for you and your competitive environment, real business value can be achieved:

  • Extending share of wallet with each existing account
  • Successful new market entry
  • Higher profitability
  • Improving value-chain effectiveness
  • Properly managing a portfolio of opportunities

Smart Growth includes a series of proven tools to help your leadership sustain:

  • Focus – evaluating and adapting strategic direction in response to market pressures and customer demands
  • Connectedness – best practice tool to engage your customers and channels to understand and meet market needs
  • Agility – processing the systems and competencies to move quickly as new opportunities emerge
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