C. William Nash, MBA
President & Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board

Bill-Nash-200pxC. William (Bill) Nash is President and CEO of Endeavor Management, an international consulting group focused on assisting companies with developing and implementing innovative, break-out strategies and decisions. Bill’s background includes over 25 years in consulting with leading companies in a wide variety of industries, to include Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical, Manufacturing, Retail, Technology, Healthcare and the Federal Government. His unique expertise is in the integration of transformational leadership associated with the successful design and implementation of major changes in strategy or business operations. Bill is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy with a B.S. degree in engineering and has an MBA in Marketing. Bill is a frequent speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, strategy, and transformational leadership.

Bruce Crager, MBA
Executive Vice President

Bruce-Crager-200pxBruce Crager is Executive Vice President of Endeavor Management and leads the firm’s group of Expert Advisors which have a focus on Offshore, Subsea and Marine activities. He has 40 years experience in offshore drilling and production, primarily in management positions. This includs significant experience evaluating and providing all types of field development solutions, particularly those based on floating production systems and subsea production equipment. Bruce joined Endeavor in 2010 and is responsible for the development of an experienced team to support clients in the areas of strategy development, organizational change/development, decision analysis, and in technical areas such as field development planning and operational improvement. Since joining Endeavor, Bruce has consulted for many clients, including Addax Petroleum, Afren, Audubon Engineering, Barra Energia, Cal Dive, Cameron, ENI, Maersk Oil and Gas, Petrobras, Pemex, Ridgewood Energy, Shell and VAALCO Energy. Bruce holds a MBA and a B.S. in Ocean Engineering.

John M. McKeever, MBA
Executive Vice President

John-McKeever-200pxJohn has extensive experience working with organizations to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build trusted brands.  He currently leads our healthcare business unit.  He joined our team in 1998, after working in the healthcare industry for 8 years. He leads oversees our practices in digital insights and dashboards, marketing research, customer experience management, and marketing strategy.  John has worked with many of the top ranked healthcare organizations and many Fortune 500  B2B corporations. He is recognized as one of the pioneers of experience management in healthcare, working in the area since the late 1990s.  John received his MBA from the University of Houston and a BBA from the University of New Mexico.  He has been an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Houston since 2002 and is a featured speaker and author on topics such as customer experience management, marketing strategy, marketing research and brand development.

Michael Shook, MBA
Executive Vice President

Michael-Shook-200pxMichael is an experienced executive, executive coach, change management consultant, and business strategy consultant. Prior to joining Endeavor, Michael worked at Shell Oil for 20 years in various Exploration and Production assignments, based in developing and implementing business and marketplace strategy and leading new technology commercialization. Michael currently leads both our oil and gas and our leadership development and coaching practices.  He has worked in leadership and strategy development, coaching and alliance creation with many oil and gas operators and major service companies. Michael holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Houston, where he graduated with Honors and 2nd in class standing. Michael also holds a BBA in Management from Texas Tech University. Michael is a certified Executive Coach, and certified in the Birkman Assessment, 360 performance feedback, change management and team leadership.

John Elmer, MBA
Executive Vice President & Board Director

J-Elmer-200pxJohn Elmer is Executive Vice President of Endeavor Management. He sits on Endeavor’s Board of Directors and oversees corporate development. John is a Senior Advisor in the areas of marketing strategy, internal and external communication, and technology commercialization. He has deep experience in the oilfield service sector of the oil and gas industry. John has received professional certification as a management consultant (CMC) and in new product development (NPDP). John’s specialties include Chief Marketing Officer, oil and gas, driving revenue growth, oilfield services, sales management, marketing strategy, new product launch, technology commercialization, CRM, branding, product marketing, product management, internal communication, external communication, marketing research. John earned his MBA  in marketing from the University of Houston in 1984, and received a B.A. with honors in psychology from the University of Texas in 1980. John was an adjunct faculty member at the University of Houston College of Business Administration from 1989 to 1993.



Advisors and Consultants

Betsy Gelb
Senior Consultant, Expert Witness

Gabriel M. Gelb
Gelb Consulting Group Founder, Expert Witness and Senior Consultant

Nicole Coy
Practice Leader, Customer Experience

Shannon Frazier
Practice Leader, Digital Insights & Dashboards

Darien Hickman
Director, Marketing Analytics

Annette Kresie-Evanson

Mark Rees
Senior Advisor, Consumer Practice

Jill Secord, RN, MBA
Senior Advisor

Michael Taylor
Practice Lead, Marketing Research

Bob Brown
Senior Advisor – Organizational Design

Denise Franklin
Project Management Consultant

Lee Wang
Marketing Analyst

Evan Sanchez
Director, Sales Excellence

Nancy Benthien
Director – Middle East/Europe

Robert W. Bobst
Senior Advisor, Program & Project Systems

William A. Donius

Gerry Gibson
Director, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness

Janis Hansen Mecklenburg
Senior Advisor, Change Management and Organization Transformation

Frank Larkey, PhD
Senior Culture Architect

Jerry Lieberman, PhD
Director – Decision Analysis

Expert Advisory Team – Healthcare

Terry Newmyer

Mary Anne Graf
Strategist, Women’s and Children’s Services

Edgar (Ed) Tucker, FACHE
Senior Advisor, Healthcare

Carol Packard, PhD
Senior Advisor, Healthcare Performance Management

Expert Advisory Team – Oil & Gas

Christian Bakken
Executive Consultant

André Barend Van Niekirk
Senior Consultant

Antonio Carlos Corte
Senior Consultant

Dave Edwards
Senior Advisor

Jeffrey M. Garrett
Senior Advisor

Daniel G. Godfrey
Senior Advisor

Jan G. Groot

D. Ronald (Ron) Harrell, PE
Executive Consultant

Julie Ingram
Senior Consultant

Leigh Jonathan Carless

Lee Ann Judd
Technical Advisor

Anthony J. King
Commissioning Advisor

Andrea Mangiavacchi
Senior Consultant

Vic Morrell
Senior Advisor

David Muir
Senior Consultant

Frank M. Paskewich, PE

Tim Pollard
Procurement Advisor

George Rodenbusch, PhD, PE
Senior Advisor

Tom Stroud
Senior Advisor

Joseph White
Project Advisor

Tim Swenk
Advisor – Oil & Gas