January 6, 2015 endeavorIT

Patient Experience

Patient Experience

Create Advocates Out of Patient-Families

Patient experience management is paramount.  In the current market, the needs of the patient are of utmost importance. This couldn’t be truer for hospitals and healthcare centers where value-based purchasing and consumer reviews will directly affect revenues. Since the early 90s, we’ve been using this approach to organize insight development, strategy design, and patient experience monitoring.

Are you interested in growing word-of-mouth recommendations? This not only serves your mission, but also is one of the most effective means to increase revenue. We believe this is possible by creating enchantment. Patient-families will become steadfast fans going out of their way to recommend you and demonstrate a strong commitment to your future. Our approach provides you with the insight and industry expertise to achieve this sustainable competitive advantage.
Experience Mapping
We use customized experience maps to develop insights and create a foundation for action. Using your data or ours, qualitative or quantitative data, this serves as a framework to align efforts around patient-family needs and build empathy. As a discovery technique, our experience map provides a visual cue to help patients, and family members recall specific episodes in their journey. The experience map organizes the various touchpoints or interactions with your organization. Ultimately, the organization of insights in this structure helps your teams develop insights beyond process – the functional and emotional needs of patient-families as expressed at each step of their journey.
    • Brings attention to the holistic experience
    • Leverages industry expertise from those who have overcome obstacles in other organizations
    • Comparisons to industry leaders Provides an in-depth assessment of patient functional and emotional needs
    • Ensures a shared level of empathy Imparts key tools to translate such into action
    • Recognizes the unique relationships between referring physicians, faculty, staff, patients, and families
    • Uncovers attitudes and expectations to develop a common understanding of the current situation and form consensus around which opportunities to pursue
    • Enables real-time service recovery and experience monitoring through our dashboard systems

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