Manufacturing Operational Performance

Improve Manufacturing Operational Performance.  Increase utilization of all resources (people/ assets / time) to deliver lower cost and higher quality products, services to your customers in the shortest time possible. Ensure that consistency of approach is paramount:  your processes form your business.  We help you simplify and connect those processes.

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Healthcare Expert Advisory Group


Healthcare Business Strategy

Been There, Done That.

Our Healthcare Expert Advisory Group served as system leaders, successfully designing and implementing strategic solutions to healthcare’s ever-changing challenges. Our Expert Advisory Group includes former executives with decades of experience within healthcare organizations – they’ve been in your shoes and understand the intricacies of the most complex organizations. From Academic Medical Centers to healthcare systems and hospitals, our team has overseen, from the inside, how strategy is designed and successfully implemented.

Gelb Consulting, an Endeavor Management Company, has assembled a highly experienced team to support leaders in key healthcare sectors. From strategic planning to operational excellence, our team of former executives have successfully tackled the same challenges you face. Armed with Gelb Consulting’s best practices and insight development capabilities, we can envision, engage, energize and enable your organization to meet your strategic goals.

  • Team with direct experience to help you avoid mistakes
  • Proven methods to guide strategic thinking
  • Ability to enter into initiatives with industry knowledge very quickly without undue preparation
  • Solutions based on proven methods that work
  • Commitment and resources through strategy implementation

Experience Management

Since the early 90s, we’ve been using our experience mapping approach to organize insight development, strategy design, and experience monitoring. Experience management is critical to make advocates out of patients, physicians and donors. These insights help to align organizational efforts around care, coordination and communication.

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Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Gelb has the experience to guide your strategic marketing efforts with well-executed marketing research and proven methods to design winning strategies.

We utilize advanced research methods to ensure that your brand and product/services are resonant with your target markets.

Our research, strategy and measurement practices are utilized by leading healthcare organizations because of our ability to translate strategy into action.

Whether it’s launching a new service, strengthen your brand, or monitoring success in real-time, Gelb has the capabilities to get your organization to the next level:

      • Insight driven strategy development – the Voice of the Customer is key to our work
      • Organized processes to engage key stakeholders to translate insights into action
      • Proven approaches to address complex situations in commercialization and brand management
      • Ability to track results over time to ensure the strategy is achieving the proper results

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