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Join us as we explore strategic concepts ranging from transformation to tactical changes.

Webinar: What Physicians Want in 2017

Understand what referring physicians want to improve the referring physician experience. In this webinar, we share key insights regarding physician attitudes and key tools to use to better understand the functional and emotional needs of your referrers.

Webinar: The Psychology of Wait

Do some waits “feel” longer than others? What specific actions can you take to make your patients’ wait times be part of their health care experience and at the same time feel shorter?

Webinar: The Hope Effect

How are advances in social science being used to improve HCAHPS scores? Join Carol Packard, PhD, for key actions you can take to improve patient satisfaction scores, while improving clinical outcomes and reducing costs.

Webinar: Empathy and Lean

How can you extend current uses of Lean Six Sigma beyond process but to incorporate empathy building? Join Jill Secord, RN, MBA, who will explore effective integration of proven approaches to accelerate quality and efficient health care services.


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