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The Endeavor Management Alliance Partners

Endeavor Management’s fit-for-purpose alliance partners expand our capabilities to help clients to accelerate business growth and optimize organizational performance.

Boxley Group

Boxley Group’s consultants represent extensive experience in the full energy value chain: upstream, midstream & marketing, downstream, power and renewable energy.  They have a proven track record in a range of client needs: from strategic advisory services to identifying and correcting non-functional processes; from leading complex projects to recommending difficult decisions and leading sustainable change.

Boxley Group differs from other consulting firms by always focusing on alignment of Commercial, Strategy, Operations, and IT. Their industry knowledge allows us to deliver value by bridging the gaps that exist between individual functions and viewpoints within an organization that typically operate in isolation. Boxley Group’s business model uses a carefully vetted network of consultants.

A majority of Boxley Group team members have technical backgrounds in engineering or science, with advanced degrees in either engineering or business.

Bayard Bradford

Bayard Bradford delivers Industrial Grade Digital Marketing.  Industrial and B2B Companies once relied on trade advertising, industry directories and high-cost trade shows to find leads.  Today, buyers increasingly find their suppliers on the web.  That’s something we can help your company with.

Bayard Bradford helps companies in oil and gas, technology, manufacturing, industrial services and distribution use digital marketing and sales automations to attract the right leads and drive more sales.

We’re a fit if you want to…

  • Use digital marketing technologies to amplify your sales process
  • Cut waste from your advertising and promotional budgets
  • See your website rank higher on search engines and draw the right kind of traffic
  • Generate qualified leads online and get them to salespeople for immediate follow-up
  • Get visibility into your revenue pipeline
  • Drive accountability in your sales process

Brand Active

In times of brand change—an M&A, identity change, or shift in strategy and messaging—brand and marketing executives turn to Brand Active. We don’t do brand strategy or design; instead, we make smarter brand change happen, on time and on budget. Our consultants—financial analysts and logistical experts—apply methods and tech tools to guide you through the entire implementation process, from financial analysis and scenario planning to logistics, roll-out, and ongoing management. Over the past 20 years, Brand Active has handled over 100 large-rebrand implementations for Fortune 1000 locations in 150 countries. We are the rebrand implementation experts.

Esanda Oil and Gas Training Specialists

Esanda are independent upstream oil and gas training and consulting specialists. We have offices in the UK and Australia, and training facilities throughout the EMEA/APAC regions: London, Bahrain, Istanbul, Atyrau, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne and Perth.

We deliver upstream professional development training courses, workshops, coaching and mentoring services globally with a core team of industry experts, each with over 20 year’s experience.

Our experience covers the subsurface and surface aspects of onshore, offshore, subsea, GTL, LNG and unconventional developments.


INSIGHT2PROFIT combines expertise and technology to deliver sustainable growth to B2B companies through implementation and management of pricing and profit strategies. Our Process: When we partner with your company, the process we take is customized to your needs. Most pricing strategy and implementation initiatives combine the following phases:

  • Deep Dive
    We look at base pricing, bottom-line discounts, freight costs, outliers, value drivers, market dynamics and much more.
  • Map it Out
    We work with you to determine what to change, how to change it and how to implement it.
  • Implementation
    We help you secure buy-in throughout your organization, including sales and marketing.
  • Measure Results
    We stick with you for months after implementation to measure the progress of your efforts and make changes as needed.

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