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Why Endeavor?

Practical Strategy driven by industry expertise and fresh insights.

Our roots go deep – we’ve been merging fresh insights with industry expertise since 1965.  Our clients across keep coming back to us not only for an actionable near-term game plan, but as a long-term trusted partner.

Our e4 Metholodogy


A clear vision of the future state


The vision is translated to all


Barriers are removed


Changes are ingrained

Our PlayBooks


We work collaborative with clients through significant and meaningful changes to their business in each of the following areas:

Strategic Imperative​ PlayBook 
Maximize value from a major merger or acquisition M&A Value Realization
Strengthen Your Competitive Positioning Brand Strategy
Redesign your core business model ​ Transformation
Deploy a new technology Technology Implementation
Digital Transformation
Realize operational efficiencies with digital
Recover from a major economic disruption​ Strategic Organizational Renewal
Maintain business continuity Human Capital
Align your culture Cultural Change
??? Growth PlayBook​ (SMP)
Enter new markets New Market Entry
Launch new products Product Commercialization
Create new products Product Innovation
Get and keep more customers Customer Experience
Realize revenue growth with digital Digital Journey
Diversify your customer base Multicultural


Our Service Groups

Management Consulting

Sustainable Strategies driving by our e4 PlayBook

Management Consulting

Proven Transformational Process Method-based Offers Informed Advisors from Day 1


Business as a science


Fuse, Visualize, Model and Automate  Data Analysis (Research) as a Service Benchmarking Programs Real-time Feedback Systems  Dashboards CRM Support

Expert Advisory Group

Practical, Implementable Solutions from Those Who’ve Been There and Done That

Expert Advisory Group

Worldwide Experts in Energy Advising Trusted and Impartial Advisors Focused on Energy Industry

Endeavor Institute

A Community to Create and Disseminate Tools of Thought

Endeavor Institute

Thought Leadership Communities Building Leadership Tools Professional Development for Leaders

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