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Arctic Team

A unique pool of arctic experts

Endeavor Management’s Arctic Team was assembled to provide assistance to companies considering O&G exploration and production in the Arctic Offshore Continental Shelf (OCS).  The Team incorporates experienced technical professionals, with many years of Arctic OCS Design and Operational Expertise.

Whatever your requirement, whether review and critique of company plans or project support for specific tasking, Endeavor Management’s Arctic Team stands ready to assist.

Arctic Team

Our team members have worked in the international oil and gas markets for operators, governmental agencies and service companies.

Endeavor’s Arctic advisors will provide you with support and expertise to:

  • Oil spill response planning
  • High Latitude Service
  • Ice Management
  • Icebreaker design review and selection
  • Regulatory compliance and standards review
  • Stakeholder relations with native near coastal communities
  • Regulatory compliance, approval and oversight
  • Vessel and equipment design and operation
  • Operations and logistics
  • Emergency response, policy, and procedures
  • Exploration and production concepts in open water and year round operation
  • Pipeline installation support; onshore, beach crossings and offshore
  • 3rd party guidance, oversight, and overview services including:
    • Review, critique and recommended improvements
    • Evaluations for effectiveness of internal oversight and monitoring of Arctic OCS projects and programs
    • Support in engagement with regulators

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Team Members

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