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The Underpinning
of Anything Great

Crucial in good times and critical in challenging times, trust is the balm that reduces friction and allows for high performance…even in challenging times.

If you’ve been part of any of our workshops, team meetings or executive coaching you have come to know the high importance we place on trust. If you personally have not placed a high value on trust previously, you are likely now experiencing the significant ramifications of its lack and the drag on performance.

Whether you have it or you don’t, here’s how to know and what to do about it.

Do you have trust?

If you are talking about trust, then you likely don’t have it.

If you have trust, then you are not talking about it, and thus enjoying the added performance benefit. High trust organizations aren’t talking about trust, they are embodying it.

Build Trust

Even high trust organizations cannot overlook an opportunity to build trust. The first and most crucial step is knowing:

Things will work out, no matter how dire they may seem.

Each of us experiences fear, doubt and worry. Those that move forward put worry in perspective and trust in the outcome. That allows their actions and intentions to come not from a place of fear or greed, selfishness or scarcity, but from knowing things will work out.

A leader in this mindset will offer:

  • Compassion for others
  • A sense of stability, even in uncertainty
  • Hope for a brighter future

Sound deceptively simple? Yes.

As a leader, evaluate your mindset, adjust to get to that place of knowing and adapt to effectively lead yourself and then others.

You got this.

Interested in the impact of trust in virtual teams? Tune in to this podcast by Patrick Lencioni on the Five Dysfunctions of a Virtual Team.



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Barbara Stewart Director

Barbara Stewart is an experienced Executive Coach focused on Leadership Development, Team Facilitation and Workshops, Employee Engagement and Professional Development....

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