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Donor Experience

Create the Inspiration to Give

Donor experience management requires an understanding of their goals, behaviors and needs. Donors provide the sustenance for clinical trials, recruitment and, ultimately, advance in patient care. Attention to the various segments is essential to every healthcare organization as there are benefactors at numerous levels who can help you achieve your goals. These include not only high net worth donors, but also grateful patients.

Donor Enchantment

Donations provide a mechanism for people to give back. Some are motivated by their legacy and others just want to say “thank you” in a meaningful way. Our approach examines the motives of donors and their experience in engaging you. Examining key functional and emotional needs are key to ensure the initial donation, but also to maintaining an on-going relationship either through increased capital contributions or annual giving. Treat donors as influences in the community and your word-of-mouth advocacy for health services will also increase.

Our Approach

Experience Mapping Our donor experience maps examine essential elements of their functional and emotional needs. Through each step of their journey, we can identify key needs and the touchpoints or interactions they have with your healthcare organization. We customize each map based on the segment we identify. We have found that annual fund donors and capital campaign contributors are markedly different. However, they may share a common interest in giving back as a grateful patient or accelerating progress on a cure that may affect a loved one. We start by identifying crucial segments using your data or our own quantitative decision factors surveys. During in-depth discovery, we use the experience map to provide a visual cue to help donors recall specific episodes in their relationship. The experience map organizes the various touchpoints or interactions with your organization. This then aligns the various teams from development, VIP functions, clinical operations to perform with the donor in mind.

Donor Experience Resources

Our Tools


  • Brings attention to the entire relationship, not just the process of donation
  • Leverages industry experience and insights for donor experience management
  • Provides an in-depth assessment of donor functional and emotional needs
  • Ensures a shared level of empathy across multiple functional areas
  • Imparts key tools to translate such into action
  • Recognizes the unique role of the donor from former patient, benefactor and business leader
  • Uncovers attitudes and expectations to develop a common understanding of the current situation and form consensus around which opportunities to pursue
  • Enables real-time service recovery and experience monitoring through our dashboards

Team Members

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