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Fuse, Visualize, Model and Automate Data
For Business Success


Inundated with scores of reports, all from disparate sources? 

Having difficulty connecting the dots to see the big picture?

Struggling with transforming data into action?

Endeavor Analytics was formed to provide our clients with clarity on what information matters most and how to make an impact based on insights learned. We help you first define the business challenge appropriately and then guide activities from data gathering, analysis, and workflow automation to achieve real business results.  




  • Framing

    Determine what’s really needed to drive consensus and make high-impact decisions.

    • Business Model Canvas
    • Model Hypothesis
    • Qualitative Modeling
    • Data Readiness Assessment
    • Development Options Matrix
    • Data Acquisition Strategy
  • Data Fusion

    We assemble and organize disparate data from your internal and other external sources for maximum insight.

    • Benchmarking Data
    • Market Data
    • Sales and Marketing Data
    • Operations Data
    • Market Research
    • Data Cleansing
  • Visualization

    A picture says a thousand words.  We utilize our dashboards to properly draw out meaningful relationships across time series data to paint the picture of the current state to draw conclusions and focus efforts on what matters most.

    • Real-time Dashboards 
    • Online reporting
    • Dynamic Visualization tools

    Using tools such as Python, Salesforce.com, and Klipfolio.



  • Modeling

    Once we help you develop several candidate solutions to your problem, we guide you through the development of an appropriate analysis to thoroughly understand the opportunity costs and tradeoffs among the solutions. When this process is complete, you will know how best to execute your project, the range of value and risk you face, and how to improve the likelihood of your success.

  • Automation

    Our technology platform provides the ability to integrate business intelligence with workflow automation to make better decisions faster.  

    • Workflow Automation
    • CRM Customization
    • Recommendation Engine
    • Artificial Intelligence




We’re known for our ability to translate strategic objectives into measurable outcomes.  This runs the spectrum across enterprise goals such as clinical volumes and profitability to functional areas such as physician relations, marketing and even patient education offices. Our consultant engagements center on what matters most to the organization and its customers.  Furthermore, given our work in experience management, we also impart ways to make these data more actionable including service recovery tools, identifying at-risk relationships and monitoring performance over time. Instead of relying on those cumbersome reports housed in different places by different people in your organization, our dashboards provide a common interface that all can view, use and contribute to.



There’s a plethora of technologies and associated applications.  We embrace this innovation in our tools by being agnostic to the software platform.  While we may center on a critical few for stability and user acceptance, the disciplines of data visualization, data mining and digital insights continue to further organizations’ business objectives.  Your dashboard technology should do the same and that’s where we come in. Our clients keep coming back to us because we are able to translate business objectives and workflows into valuable measurement systems. I


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