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The Endeavor Institute

Developing transformational leaders of change in all industries…

We recognize that most managers possess many of the skills and behaviors required, but it is often the case there are developmental needs to successfully apply such. The Endeavor Institute was chartered to meet these needs with education and research.

Leadership development is an important component in business strategy, as well as a risk management issue at the executive level. Each year, corporations launch mission-critical projects involving millions of dollars in capital investments plus significant requirements for project-savvy human capital. Preparing people to succeed in executing their designated roles is a critical success factor for all strategic projects.

Successful transformational leaders recognize the distinction between the need for change while maintaining continuity – we call this “Run the Business, Change the Business.”

The Endeavor Institute is a place where managers can go to complete their business education and learn how to lead change in their organizations.  Founded on 50+years of successful change consulting and training to more than 500 Fortune 100 and Private Sector organizations, we have chartered the institute to support the efforts of transformational leaders and their organizations.

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