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The Endeavor Institute, an Endeavor company, has partnered with FromTheExperts (FTE)™ to bring virtual expert talks, group discussions, and networking between industry leaders on energy transition-related challenges and solutions. We know authentic connections and open interactions between stakeholders and the energy transition community are essential to reach a low-carbon sustainable energy future together. Here you will find new information that will accelerate the positive flow and exploration of new ideas, solutions, and relationships towards this end.



OCTOBER 11, 2022 12PM CST

Evaluating the Potential of
New Deep Decarbonization Technologies

To truly make an impact on carbon emissions with new technology projects, you must understand and communicate the realistic estimates of lifecycle carbon intensity & project economics.

Speaker: Dr. Lynn Frostman
VP Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
Syzygy Plasmonics


SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Energy Transition-It’s happening to me

How can leaders navigate competing and potentially irreconcilable expectations around roles and responsibilities for themselves and their teams in this transition?

Speaker: Nick Welsh
ESG and Energy Transition Strategist
Endeavor Management


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