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The Endeavor Institute, an Endeavor company, has partnered with FromTheExperts (FTE)™ to bring virtual expert talks, group discussions, and networking between industry leaders on energy transition-related challenges and solutions. We know authentic connections and open interactions between stakeholders and the energy transition community are essential to reach a low-carbon sustainable energy future together. Here you will find new information that will accelerate the positive flow and exploration of new ideas, solutions, and relationships towards this end.


MARCH 7, 2023 12 PM CST

Geothermal Everywhere

Recent advances are bringing geothermal power solutions to the brink of “solving” clean energy.

Geothermal energy is clean, stable, and cost-effective with a small footprint that can be built anywhere, AND it’s right under your feet everywhere!
So what’s holding geothermal down?

Speaker: Kevin Mullen
Green Quest Power



Hydrogen – A Critical Tool for Decarbonization… But how does it work, and where does it fit?

It’s widely accepted that clean hydrogen is required for decarbonizing, but what is the fit? Global hydrogen expert Rick Beuttel, Vice President of Business Development with Bloomenergy, shares cutting-edge insights on hydrogen, clean hydrogen, potential best use cases (and less likely use cases), and differing technologies for hydrogen production. How will these drive down the cost of clean hydrogen in the future and why does this matter to your business today?

Speaker: Rick Beuttel
VP Business Development
Bloom Energy

Positioning for a World Without Gas Stations

Internal combustion engines are on their way out, and with their departure comes threats and opportunities. Are you ready for a world without gas stations? The answer is more than just the product you sell. Explore how the disappearance of internal combustion engines might impact organizations. What strategic options are being considered by leaders positioning their businesses to adapt and thrive?

Speaker: Steven Sharp
Expert in Residence


The Challenges of Industry Collaboration
when Creating Sustainability Goals

How do you influence the right players in your value stream to “come along for the ride” on a sustainability journey when you are heavily reliant on the strategies and timelines that other partners set? 

Speaker: Stephanie Dvorak
Director Sustainability
Bristow Group

Evaluating the Potential of
New Deep Decarbonization Technologies

To truly make an impact on carbon emissions with new technology projects, you must understand and communicate the realistic estimates of lifecycle carbon intensity & project economics.

Speaker: Dr. Lynn Frostman
VP Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility
Syzygy Plasmonics

Energy Transition-It’s happening to me

How can leaders navigate competing and potentially irreconcilable expectations around roles and responsibilities for themselves and their teams in this transition?

Speaker: Nick Welch
ESG and Energy Transition Strategist
Endeavor Management


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