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Platform Repurposing
Joint Industry Project


Looking for new ways to exploit energy transition opportunities?
Trying to establish your green credentials?

To support the industry’s energy transition, Endeavor and Excipio Energy combine their skills to offer a Platform Repurposing Joint Industry Project (JIP) proposal.  This Platform Repurposing JIP will serve to develop a Guideline for Condition Assessment For Repurposing of Gulf of Mexico Platforms Required Under 30 CFR Part 585 Subpart J

The Platform Repurposing JIP

Develop a Guideline for preparing “Condition Assessment for Repurposing” submissions to BSEE.

BSEE approval of the Condition Assessment is crucial when seeking an Alternate Right of Use and Easement (ARUE) permit from BOEM.



Obtaining the ARUE is the first milestone in a Repurposing project development which must be achieved at a manageable cost. This requires defining the scope of the Condition Assessment.


Platform Repurposing JIP Purpose & Scope

The key to this study will be to collaborate with BOEM and BSEE in codifying the requirement and roadmaps within the Guideline document and to obtain their agreement on the final document.

The scope of work will be:


To establish the minimum structural and mechanical (for pipelines) assessment and survey criteria for issuance of a Repurposing Permit for:

  • Deactivated platforms
  • Platforms already on the idle iron list, or on abandoned leases
  • Abandoned pipelines


To develop the repurposing Condition Assessment study roadmap, guidelines, and basis of BOEM/BSEE approval including:

  • The minimum required investigations, surveys, inspections, and assessments needed to demonstrate structural/mechanical fitness for service
  • The structural/mechanical integrity management plan that provides assurance of continued fitness for service for an agreed new operational life

Benefits of the Platform Repurposing JIP

Consistent standards, content, and acceptance criteria for the Condition Assessment submission



Achieving a unified Guideline understood by operators and accepted by BOEM and BSEE



Cost sharing of a common need for all operators looking to repurpose offshore infrastructure



Establish criteria whereby BOEM can issue preliminary approvals dependent on bringing structures into compliance with the minimum requirements.



Platform Repurposing JIP Project Steps

Subject to agreement with the JIP participants the project steps will be:

  • Define criteria for determining what constitutes fit-for-purpose platforms and pipelines if they are not being used for hydrocarbon production.

  • Understand and document the process and acceptance criteria that BOEM and BSEE would apply to their reviews and approval process.

    • Assessment guidelines and criteria.
    • Guidelines and roadmaps for directing the Condition Assessment process.


  • Develop repurposing approval process and criteria in the form of a Guideline Document that includes:

    • Applicable codes, standards, and recommended practices.
    • Scope of investigations, surveys, inspections, and assessments.
  • Develop and agree with BOEM and BSEE the submission documents listing and guidelines.

Platform Repurposing Studies Post ARUE

After the Alternate Right of Use and Easement  (ARUE) permit is issued, additional studies will be required. The full range and extent of these will be dependent on the planned Energy Transition use but will generally include:

  • Engineering assessments:
    • External corrosion for all and internal corrosion for floating structures
    • Strength and fatigue for fixed or floating structures
    • Mechanical strength for pipelines
    • Cathodic protection condition and remaining life for structures and pipeline
  • Seabed archeological studies (if seabed is disturbed).
  • Regulatory approvals, which may extend beyond BOEM and BSEE’s authority and requirements
  • Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance (ESG) management
  • Risk studies for all life cycle stages

Ideally setting an approval-in-principal concept for ARUE’s so operators know the approval will be granted if the criteria defined by the JIP is met.

EAG and EE Considerable Experience and Knowledge

  • Excellent working relationship with BOEM and BSEE, at a senior level

  • In-depth understanding of the codes and regulations for repurposing

  • Extensive ageing infrastructure integrity management knowledge and experience


  • Decades of experience in managing ageing offshore infrastructure

  • A proven track record in delivering Joint Industry Projects

  • Up-to-date expertise in repurposing options and offshore renewable energy

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