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Benchmark Your MarCom Spending vs Peers of Your Choice

How much should we be budgeting for marketing and communications? What is the right marketing mix?


Join 2021 MarCom Benchmarking


Frustrated with the lack of valid data sources for national leaders in healthcare marketing?  Are you being focused to justify resources and how they’re used when comparing only to community hospitals or others who aren’t quite like you?

This unique healthcare marketing communications benchmarking program is the answer.

Backed by the power of Endeavor Analytics, By the Numbers: MarCom empowers users to drive meaningful decisions about MarCom spending by benchmarking against similar health care organizations.

SHSMD, Endeavor Analytics and our Steering Committee invite you to participate in this unique benchmarking opportunity. Your participation will empower you and other marketing leaders to:

  • Make better strategic and tactical decisions
  • Develop a data-driven business case for increased resources
  • Demonstrate your team’s effectiveness.

Subscribers can use interactive analytic dashboards to uncover actionable insights and improve their understanding of industry best practices.

Each year’s study allows you to compare yourself to peers of your choice in the areas of marketing communications budgets and budget allocation across staff and the marketing mix. All data is validated through reviews and follow-ups after the initial submission. In addition, all data is blinded to ensure confidentiality.

What's New for 2021?

  • Now By The Numbers: MarCom, Endeavor Analytics has partnered with SHSMD to deliver more comparisons
  • Reduced the input burden by prepopulating as many required entries as possible, including appending AHA data to your submissions
  • Creating a few questions to capture selected information about multiculturalism, CRM investments and reputation management

Study Areas

    • Key profile data to establish peer groups – institution size and areas supported by marketing communications
    • Competitive situations for each institution for comparison
    • Overall budgets and distribution of such between staff and media
    • Detailed breakdown of marketing mix elements
    • Detailed breakdown of FTEs

Why You Should Participate

We understand benchmarking studies take time. Your participation ensures all national leaders in healthcare have what’s needed to remain good stewards of marketing resources. In this era of economic uncertainty, there are hard-fought battles for every dollar…this data will make it easier to show how your resources are either lagging peers, or being spend in similar ways.

MarCom Benchmarking Dashboard

This data will be collected and distributed through Endeavor Analytics dashboarding platgform. This tool will allow you to download charts, filter data and even share access within your institution. As an option, we can also integrate additional all payer claims and marketing performance data.


Dashboard Examples

Year to Year Comparisons

Our dashboards make data entry easier in 2020

Year to Year Comparisons

We've created a tabular view of the data entry screen instead of a page by page questionnaire. This allows you to see things at a glance. In addition, for prior year's participants, you will be able to see your previous submissions and make adjustments.

Instant Results

Get a quick sense of where you stand with the first answer!

Instant Results

We've now powered our benchmarking dashboard to give you some instant gratitfication (and data checking, too). As you compelte each answer, the system will generate a graph to compare your results to the overall average. Isn't that cool? This way, you can see how the system is accepting your responses and how well you're doing with data entry.

In-Depth FTE Data

We listen to your feedback! New for 2020 - more granular data for FTEs across job seniority.

In-Depth FTE Data

Our steering committee and participants have requested we add more fields to track not only percentages of FTE salary/benefits, but also distribution across job functions. So new for 2020 is that allocation. You'll be able to compare how your organization distributes your human resources across job areas.

Key Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Still interested? Here's what you may be curious to know...

Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed out the various FAQs and answered - from how we gather the data to how we preserve anonymity.

2017 Conference Presentation

The Forum for Healthcare Strategy showcased our efforts in 2017.

2017 Conference Presentation

Peter Miller and John McKeever share the results of the first marcom benchmarking year. Of particular interest were the comparisons to out of industry marketing budgets - yes, healthcare is very low.

2019 Conference Presentation

We participated in a social event to share 2018 results with the NCI Public Affiars and Marketing Network (PAMN).

2019 Conference Presentation

Our subsequent years have allowed for a wider variety of data comparisons. Peter Miller and John McKeever share how those organizations supporting a cancer center differ than others.

Ways to Engage

  • Participant – Complete the survey and validation follow-up emails (if needed) and receive dashboard access to averages and medians, and a copy of the aggregated report – no cost
  • Subscriber – Participant benefits, plus receive blinded access to all data, advanced filtering, and trended data for each year you submit – $5,000 / year. A sliding scale is available for smaller hospitals.

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