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Oil and Gas
Revenue Generation

Generating Revenue in a Challenging Environment

Managing brands, sales teams and product commercialization is key in today’s oil and gas environment. We have addressed challenges across all of the ups and downs of the industry, over our 50 year history. We believe that the market has answers to many of these key issues, and, therefore, integrate such with our approaches. Toward that end, we manage the industry’s only research-focused panel, Gelb Research.

Oil and Gas Revenue Generation

Maximizing market share is the key objective. This comes from effective sales and marketing. From new product commercialization to service delivery, we have addressed this issues with market leaders to ensure success in their space, or across the industry overall. Our processes incorporate rich insight from the market – including expert advisory support, marketing research and best practices. Our client have found that our inputs are critical to their success in launching new products, merging/acquiring companies, and orienting their marketing/sales team to reach desired objectives.

Key Capabilities


  • Oil and Gas professionals working on your project
  • Proven processes to guide strategic thinking
  • Robust techniques for decision analysis, culture assessments and team building
  • Rapid definition and deployment of strategic intent and implementation
  • Engage customers through Gelb Research panel


Team Members

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