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Operational Effectiveness Team


Improving Oil & Gas Operational Effectiveness

What is Operational Effectiveness? To Endeavor Managmeent, it is ensuring operators achieve maximum production at minimum costs, continuously and sustainably.

How do we meet the operational effectiveness challenge?

Starting with a rapid assessment of existing facilities, processes and practices, Endeavor Management systematically guides operators towards Production as a Priority for their assets, while assuring safety and protection of the environment. The next step, ensuring maximum profitability, focuses on cost reduction by addressing recognized cost drivers, reducing inefficiencies, eliminating duplications of effort, and finding synergies throughout the entire operation. To complete the picture, we then shift the focus to maximizing performance of each element in the overall operational system, including human performance along with technical performance. Through Endeavor’s application of key leadership principles and business strategy, in managing the dual perspectives of running the business while changing the business, we effectively hold all strategic elements in place, while optimizing each one.


We start by rapidly assessing operational needs (typically in less than a week); then we move on to:

Ensuring continuous focus on maximum production, while maintaining safety and environmental protection emphasis (immediate impact typical)

In the weeks that follow, we focus on:

    • Optimizing operational processes to reduce costs and risks
    • Identifying and capturing synergies throughout the operation
    • Ensuring seamless transitions as the operation grows
    • Aligning culture with performance objectives, galvanizing the entire organization for peak performance
    • Instilling continuous improvement practices, to ensure peak performance is always achieved, and to ultimately maximize asset life


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