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SupplyBrain: Supply chain visualization made simple

Supply chain visualization has never been simpler. Together with our partners at Business Laboratory, we introduce SupplyBrain – an innovative cloud solution for companies who wish to quickly and easily visualize their supply chains in action. Users upload a formatted Comma Separated Value (CSV) file and begin immediately viewing that data set through the application. Users can add their own columns of data as they wish, and it will be displayed in the tooltip as the user hovers over a location or a transaction.

SupplyBrain shows locations and transactions between locations in node/edge form over a map or network view. Users can switch easily to a table view to show the data behind a particular transaction. Note that the thickness of the transaction flow lines as well as the size of the location dots varies. Users can choose to make these visual expressions scaled according to a chosen field in the data.

SupplyBrain is ideal for:
● Quickly analyzing the “pulse” of the supply chain
● Looking for anomalies in SC operations
● Comparing two supply chains against one another or the same supply chain at different time periods
● Providing a bespoke dashboard for the health of the supply chain without coding


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