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Alicia Jansen BBA

Senior Advisor - Marketing

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Prior to joining our team, Alicia led the marketing efforts of the highest ranked cancer center, MD Anderson. She is an experienced executive with expertise in dynamic marketing, communications and business growth. She is a collaborative leader with proven success in strategic planning, marketing, branding, market research and business expansion. Her experience in crossing the chasm between marketing and operations has been highlighted at national conferences.

Alicia has a great depth of application knowledge in increasing brand preference, driving revenue and increasing market share. Under her leadership, she was able to grow marketing outreach budgets by 10x previous expenditures and increase annual revenues over 65M through marketing strategy.

She has also received the AMA Lifetime Achievement Award and the CMO of the Year Award from the National CMO Club. She has served as Chair for the Public Affairs and Marketing Network and served on the board and volunteers for the CanCare Network.

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