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Dave Cobb MSc

Senior Advisor - O&G Field Development Team Leader

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Dave is a Petroleum Engineer Manager with over 40 years of experience (33 years of domestic and international Field Development experience with BP) in working with multi-discipline and multicultural teams in the timely delivery of Green Field Developments around the world. This work has stretched from brown field development on the North Slope of Alaska (Prudhoe Bay Field) to Deepwater Green Field developments in GOM and West Africa (Angola). These developments have been worked from both Operator and Non-Operator roles and developed a deep understanding of the need for appropriate risk identification and mitigation to provide assurance to all working interests as part of these technical and business programs. Additionally working within NOC’s in the Middle East for the successful delivery of a variety of giant oilfield developments in offshore shallow water environments. These work programs have covered the full cycle from exploration, appraisal definition, concept screening and selection, detailed definition and project initiation, project execution and production commissioning. This experience has been built on leading multi-discipline, multicultural teams in challenging environments to deliver robust projects with strong life of field risk mitigation strategies. Dave has published numerous papers on field development issues.


Master of Science – Petroleum Engineering, Imperial College, London

Bachelor of Science, Honors – Fuel and Combustion Science, Leeds University

Professional Publications

  • SPE 171789 Fully-Coupled Surface Network Model for Stacked Multi-Reservoir Model of a New Abu Dhabi Offshore field, 2014
  • SPE 167390 Delivering Cost Effective Collaboration Technology using Consumer Technology and Preparing for BYOD environment, Oct. 2013
  • SPE 148075 Simulation Modelling of ICDs and MLTBs in Green Field Offshore Abu Dhabi, Oct. 2011
  • SPE 137668 Intelligent Oilfield Considerations for New Developments Offshore Abu Dhabi, 2010
  • SPE 117889 Rock-Typing of Upper Jurassic (Arab) Carbonates Offshore Abu Dhabi, 2008
  • SPE 13451 Innovative Integration of Seismic and Well Data to Characterize Tar Mat in Carbonate Reservoir, 2009 IPTC Doha, Qatar
  • SPE117735 Building a Deterministic 3D Model of Tar Mat Deposits in a Carbonate Reservoir in a Geologically Consistent Manner – A Case Study from Offshore Abu Dhabi, 2008
  • SPE 26713 A Joint Industry Research Project to Investigate Coiled Tubing Buckling, 1993 Offshore Europe and 1993 SPE Annual Technical Conference, Houston
  • SPE 17592 Coiled Tubing Non-Rig Workovers at Prudhoe Bay, 1988 IPTC, Tianjin China

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