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Jim Rodgers


Jim Rodgers has developed an extensive history in the oil and gas industries with over 35 years of local and internationally challenging project initiatives. His management and leadership skills include all project aspects from innovative creation, AFE generations and approvals, budget and scheduling requirements, engineering, procurement, fabrication, installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and startup while maintaining a focus on safety. He has vast technical experience and knowledge for installations of a variety of pipelines and flowlines, subsea trees and chokes, PLETs/PLEMs, UTAs, umbilicals, control systems including SEM’s and control pods. He has a strong understanding and knowledge in production systems and interfaces with E&I and ESD systems. His experience includes projects in Africa, South America, Gulf of Mexico, Canada, North Sea, and Israel. Many of these are world class projects which required extensive client, vendor, and consultant interfacing to achieve successful, within budget and on time deliveries of product. His understanding of the industry and comprehensive knowledge of technical and commercial challenges were instrumental in achieving successful business objectives and team leadership to fulfill client and project requirements.

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