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Jorge Perez PhD

Project Advisor

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Jorge has over 20 years’ experience working as a Reservoir Engineer within multidisciplinary teams.  He has a thorough understanding of Deep-Water reservoirs providing traditional analyses as well as reservoir simulations with a solid background in geology.  Key tools in his box include Eclipse, Petrel RE, CMG, Rate and Pressure Transient analysis, Prosper, GAP, Saphir, as well as PVT (fluid) analysis software.  Jorge has held Senior Reservoir Engineering position at large Exploration and Production companies such as Chevron as well as smaller independents such as Hess Corporation, Murphy Oil, and others.  Throughout his career he has developed a well-rounded understanding of the of oil field life cycle, based on active interaction with teams spanning from exploration (geophysicist and interpreters) through static and dynamic modeling (geologist, geo-modelers, drilling, petro-physicist), all the way to developing and implementing Field Development Plans (production engineers and permitting). Jorge has also collaborated with accountants and planning groups while booking reserves.  This wide experience allows him to develop long term Field Development Programs (FDP) and to lead multi-disciplinary teams to implement them.  Jorge holds a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M University and a MS degree in Geological / Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. He has co‐authored numerous technical articles.  He is also a dedicated mentor with multicultural and multilingual understanding.

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