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Marty Brown BS

Executive Advisor

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Marty has extensive experience in Operations, HSSE, Quality and HR in both the Chemical Industry (DuPont, Henkel) and the Energy Sector (Champion Technologies, NalcoChampion, Sinclair Oil, TEPPCO/Enterprise, BP, Tesoro, Sunoco and others) and has excelled in advising client companies with regards to mergers, acquisitions, risk reduction/mitigation, management systems development and implementation as well as performance management and effective organizational design.


Bachelor of Science – Chemistry & Physics, University of Tennessee


  • Environmental Manager, Plant Manager and VP of Manufacturing with DuPont in USA and Internationally
  • VP of Operations and QHSE with Henkel with responsibility for the Americas Operations
  • SR VP of Operations, QHSE and Human Resources for Henkel with responsibility for Americas and Global Team member for Chemicals Investment and Organizational Development
  • Global VP of QHSSE with Champion Technologies and Global VP of Safety with NalcoChampion
  • Advisor to companies in the energy and chemicals industries with a focus on operational excellence and the human factors required for successful culture change


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