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Mike Cowan

Senior Advisor

Mike Cowan has 38 years’ experience working for operator (31 yrs.) and for an integrated service company (7 yrs.) in well construction and production technology, with a unique blend of operations, engineering and research skills. His specialties include Cementing (primary), loss circulation (primary), drilling fluids, well stimulation, profile control and coatings. He holds 50+ U.S. Patents in cementing, zonal isolation, loss circulation, coatings, expandable tubulars, drilling fluid additives and chemical wellbore lining/strengthening and over 12 pending patent applications. Mike’s capabilities include: innovate, develop, deploy and support technology from R&D to the well; develop and implement strategy for IP, commercialization, and deployment, manage global drilling fluids and cementing business, develop relationships with third parties for commercialization and deployment; lead and contribute to multi-discipline problem solving technical teams; analyze complex data sets and develop algorithms and correlations for decision-support and technology transfer; and training courses -- develop and teach advanced technical courses in primary and remedial cementing, loss circulation, innovation.

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