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Rodolfo Rodríguez

Operations Advisor

Rodolfo Rodriguez is a proven oil field professional with 30 years’ experience in Project Management, business development and Contract Management as well as operations support for FPSOs, oil and gas process facilities, and the LPG industry. He has an excellent knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry in Mexico, which includes significant experience in communicating and negotiating with PEMEX. He has carried out process studies for gas and oil treatment and associated facilities, as well as a leading HAZOP studies. Rodolfo has specific knowledge of the relevant National & International Standards and Codes for both the FPSO and LPG industry based on experience he gained in preparing and producing all necessary documentation for FPSO and LPG contracts in Mexico. He was part of the team who developed the conceptual design for the FPSO YUUM KAK NAAB, FPSO AYATSIL-TEKEL AND FPSO EWT for Pemex Exploration and Production in Mexico.  His experience includes consultancy on EPC and FPSO-LPG projects, optimization of FPSO design for heavy and extra heavy crude oils, and evaluation of alternative configurations of equipment/process selections and operating parameters. He was responsible for the design and execution of the business strategies to develop new FPSO and LPG contracts for the Oil and Gas Industry of Mexico.

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