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Troy Hamilton

Project Advisor

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Troy has 30 years of experience in the offshore subsea construction industry covering shelf and deepwater projects with major and independent operators in the Gulf of Mexico, and West and East Africa. He has 20 years of experience in Project Manager, Project Coordinator and Technical Advisor positions with direct management responsibility during the FEED studies, engineering design, cost estimating, and critical path scheduling through the fabrication, construction, testing and Installation of subsea hardware for the Ceiba FPSO and Jubilee FPSO Developments. He had direct responsibility for the delivery of rigid and flexible well jumpers (104 in West Africa and 30 in GOM), subsea multiphase pumps (3 West Africa), and topside Infrastructure. He has international and strong multicultural exposure in countries including West Africa (Ghana, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea) East Africa (Mozambique and South Africa) Europe (Norway, United Kingdom and Holland). Troy has worked closely with the Contracts & Procurement team on developing the bids and proposals and contracting negotiations during the execution of multiple contracts for onshore and offshore projects that maximize operational and financial performance for the Company, while reducing financial and business risk.

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